We use gentle, fun and effective training techniques that help build a stronger relationship between you and your pet.


Paws-Abilities - $160 - 6 week program:

What’s the difference between Paws-Abilities and traditional obedience classes?  Everything. During Paws-Abilities, the focus is on building a trusting relationship between you and your pet that results in the behavior you desire.  When your pet is getting what he wants and needs, he is eager to behave in positive ways. Program includes:

     • Basic Commands: sit, stay, down, come, sit-stay.

     • Problem solving around: jumping, nipping, digging and others.

     • Socialization with other dogs.

     • Distraction training.


Paws-Abilities Workshops - Call for details

Once you have mastered Paw-Abilities to reinforce training and master new skills.


Paws-Abilities Advanced - Call for details


Consultation at Paws - $65 per hour


Consultation at Home - $85 per hour and up - Call for details


Private Training at Paws - $65 per session (Package of 4 - $240)


Private Training at Home - $85 per session (Package of 4 - $320)

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