Daycare is a place for dogs to have fun in a safe and caring environment. At Paws University Daycare, our students are never left unattended on the playgrounds with other students. Our staff is trained in dog management and pack behavior, and have breed-specific knowledge. Paws University is a structured environment with segmented outdoor playgrounds. When your dog comes to Daycare, he or she will be integrated into the supervised play group that best suits him or her. This is done carefully and at a pace within each dog’s comfort level. Groups are decided based on factors such as size and temperament. Some examples of our groups include, the Littles Group, made up of smaller breeds, the Front Yard Group, a special collection of outgoing, energetic dogs, and our Big Yard Group which consists of mature dogs.


Daycare: $25.00 per day

10 Day Package - $230

20 Day Package - $440


The main benefits Daycare provides:

     • Relief from boredom

     • Relief from loneliness and the anxiety that loneliness can cause in dogs

        (including separation anxiety)

     • Socialization with people

     • Much-needed exercise and socialization with other dogs

     • Prevention of destructive behavior in the house when unsupervised

     • Relief from guilt for pet parents who feel badly about leaving their dogs home alone all day


NO reservations needed for Daycare. NO DAYCARE ON SUNDAYS

Dogs must pass a screening and be current on vaccinations.

Paws University

73-4259A Hawaii Belt Rd

Kailua Kona, HI 96740



Fax: 808-325-6460


Hours of Operation:


Monday - Friday: 7AM to 6PM

Saturday: 7AM to 4PM

Sunday: 10AM to 3PM

(No Daycare, Boarding,

Dropoff/Pickup Only)

Closed on Major Holidays

(No Daycare, Boarding, Dropoff/Pickup)

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