Doggie Dorm Room Boarding:

Our boarders enjoy playing with their doggie friends and trainers during the day. Exhausted, your dog will retire to their luxury dorm room for good nights' rest. Your dog will be excited to see you upon your return, but you can rest assured that they never had a dull moment during their stay.

     • Freshman Package - $32.45: Includes a lot of fun through socialization and play with both their furry friends and

        two legged caretakers.

     • Sophomore Package - $37.95: Includes additional daily brush out and premium mid-day and night-time snacks.

     • Junior Package - $43.45: Includes additional morning and afternoon, one-on-one, play time.

     • Senior Package - $59.95: Includes additional obedience training time.


Puppy Boarding School:

A one-month program designed for puppies between ages of 4 - 7 months old. During Boarding School, your dog will participate in Doggie Day Care; enjoy Dorm Room Boarding and work on new behaviors. Your dog will be trained daily and will socialize with other dogs and people. Upon graduating from you will receive outlines on maintaining behavior, plus two later consultations.

     • 1 Month Program + 2 Consultations - $1400


Paws-itive Change Boarding School:

Designed for dogs over 6 months old who are displaying undesirable problem behaviors.  These typically involve aggression or fear.  The price and program is designed around the specific need of the dog enrolled. While we can’t guarantee immediate success, we can get you on the road to solving these problems.

    • Price based on needs addressed.


Requirements for dogs:

     • Copy of current vaccinations (DHLPP and Bordatella)

     • Pass an extensive screening process: Our staff will assess your dog's behavior, make sure they are rid of fleas and

        ticks and are in good health.



Cats Boarding:

Our Feline friends prefer a slightly quieter environment than their canine counterparts, so we have dedicated a section of our University entirely to them. We offer peaceful and private 2 level cat condos. We also have a larger cat condo to accommodate cat families.

     • Freshman - $22.50: Basic Boarding.

     • Sophomore - $25.50: Includes additional treats and 20 minutes extra PurrTime.

     • Junior Package - $28.30: Includes additional treats and 40 minutes extra PurrTime.


Requirements for Cats:

     • FELV: Feline Leukemia

     • FVRC: Upper Respiratory Infection




     • Check-in any time before 5 PM. Check-out 12 PM.

     • Your first day overnight of boarding costs the same no matter what time you check-in.  Late check-out will be

        charged for a full day.



Discount Programs:

     • 10% off total bill: 2 or more pets, or 10 or more days.

     • 15% off total bill: any number of pets, 30 or more days.

     •  5% off total bill: Senior Citizens, 55 years and older (not valid with other discounts).

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